Assessment Reflections

Assessment Reflections

Instructions: In the attached reading, you have two simple assessments to complete. The first is about finding out your Love Style (on page 205). The second one is about finding out your Attachment Style (on page 223). After completing each assessment, round up your scores in each category and then write 1 page reflection on each assessment.

These 2 pages are considered 2 different essays or reflections. Therefore, please write 1 FULL page reflection on your results for the Love Style Assessment. Then, another 1 FULL page reflection on the Attachment Style.

***Additional instructions: 

Do each Assessment BEFORE reading

Then, READ the chapter

Then, after reflecting on your results from the Assessment, and considering what you’ve now learned about either your Love or Attachment Style, write a 1 page, double-space, typed, Times New Roman, 12 pt font reflection.  This can be about anything pertaining to the assessment and the reading.  Here are a few questions to help you reflect…

Were your results surprising? Not surprising?

Which categories did you score higher in?  Lower in?

What might this tell you about your actions in your most recent relationship?

You are just required to complete the assessment, and THEN write the reflection based on the results

You can do only 2 documents if you want
so in one document, include the assessment results and the refection
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