Assignment 4

Assignment 4

Imagine you are the IT director for a company (you already are at least a sole proprietor). Create a memo for employees listing security guidelines for using company laptops on public wireless networks.

Create a screen capture of your router’s login page. Attempt to login – where you successful or not successful? How could you find the username and password if you did not know the credentials?

Consider the activities completed in class, how have the activities made your re-think or update the way you use wireless networks. What are the consequences / tradeoffs for making security updates? If nothing made you re-think your mobile security, perform research to identify a security concept that was impactful.

What are the versions of Bluetooth? What are the benefits of the latest version of Bluetooth?

How can an Apple watch be used to unlock a MacBook? What steps has Apple taken to prevent someone stealing both and getting into both devices?




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It is our responsibility to take proper cautions to avoid loss, theft, or harm to the company’s laptop as well as information saved on the computers. The following security guidelines should be taken by all using the company’s laptops on public wireless networks.
-Always ensure you connect to a trusted and secure wireless network.

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