Assignment Dropbox

Assignment Dropbox

For this assignment, you will write an essay on the video for this week:

Advanced JPEG Steganography and Detection

In this essay, discuss what you have learned on steganography and how this relates to cryptography today. Provide a few examples of how steganography is able to conceal information. In addition to the video, choose one other scholarly reference to support your discussion.


Submit in a Word document.
Include cover page
Must be a minimum of two pages (excluding references and cover page)
Appropriate APA format is required.
Properly cite and reference any borrowed resource(s)






Solution Preview

Steganography technique is a division in computer science that involves the obscure of the existence of communication in an attempt to hide information. In this light, we can relate it with cryptography which aims at distorting the message to render it unreadable especially to unauthorized recipients. Concerning the functioning, Steganography uses a variety of science-related tools such as Digital Signal Processing, Data Networks, Coding theory and Discrete Math among others.

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