Assignment: Trace Your Community Donations

Assignment: Trace Your Community Donations

In Module 3, you identified (a) place(s) in your community that accept(s) and/or make(s) donations available for distribution. It’s time to explore how that organization(s) manage(s) to sort through all the things that are donated.

1. Find someone in an organization in your community that accepts donations. This could be an office manager, a cashier, a volunteer, a director – anyone who is tasked with work for this organization.

2. Explain politely that you are interested in how their organization goes about sorting through donations received. If the person you are talking to does not know, ask whom you should talk to to get a general feel for the donations sorting process.

3. Document what you find out and provide a description of the donation sorting process for that organization. In your description, also describe the process you went through to find out about how they sort donations.

This assignment is worth 80 points.



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Tracing Community Donations

            Donations play a crucial part in communities’ welfare as they are used to fund projects that improve people’s lives. In my community, donations are used to support the less privileged, such as homeless and low-income earners. At the same time, people’s contributions are used to undertake environmental activities that protect the ecosystem.

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