Astronomy 3 Text Questions

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What are stars made from?
Why do stars appear to move across the sky?
What are sky maps? How are they made?
How does a star’s appearance change based on the elements inside it?
How were the Spitzer telescope pictures important to understanding stars?

How does the life cycle of a star compare to that of a human?
What is the likelihood that black holes exist in our galaxy? Explain your response.
How do massive stars change the atmosphere?
How are constellations an important part of history?
What is nuclear fusion? Why is this process important to stars?




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Part 1:

  1. What are stars made from?

They are made from very hot gases namely helium and hydrogen which are the largest elements. Many of them have smaller amounts of heavier rudiments such as carbon-oxygen, nitrogen as well as iron.

  1. Why do stars appear to move across the sky?

They seem to be in motion from east to west as a result of the earth’s rotation from west to east on its axis around the sun (Plummer & Krajcik, 2010).

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