Athlete Case Study

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 MAIN DETAILS: Use the information from the course along with your own research to answer these questions about the athlete (See below athlete profile). The amount of extra research will depend on your knowledge of sport. I suggest you review other chapters in your text and/or search online using the Langara Library to better understand the sport and the nutritional needs. As needed, cite any references using APA style. Questions(This is just a sample, full list of questions can be found in attached file): 1. Calculate Reena’s BMI for her current weight, her original weight and her goal weight. Discuss the weight trend. Comment on your thoughts about her weight goals. Do you think they are appropriate? Why or Why not? (5) 2. Carbohydrate Recommendations: a. Calculate Reena’s goal carbohydrate intake (as a range) using her current weight and the information in your textbook. Take into account the type of sport she’s doing and her training schedule (2) b. Explain your rationale – why did you choose that range? What parts of her history, training schedule and goals led you to that choice? (2

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