Attaining Expertise

Attaining Expertise

You are training individuals you supervise on how to attain expertise in your field.

Write a 1,050- to 1,200-word instruction paper on the processes involved with attaining expertise, reference the chapter in your text titled, “Expertise”.

Include the following salient points in your work:

Outline the stages in the development of expertise.
Outline the dimensions involved in the development of expertise.
Discuss how obtaining skills makes changes to the brain.





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Attaining Expertise
The process of achieving competence involves the acquisition of skills so that individuals can perform their skills better. There are various stages of skill acquisition, and they also affect brain function. Luckily, the human brain can expand and reorganize as individuals learn new procedures. For an individual to become an expert, they must display special skills that they derive from training or experience. The process, therefore, involves the acquisition of critical thinking skills so that individuals can gain proficiency in task completion.

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