What are your barriers to exercise and eating?

What are your barriers to exercise and eating?

Besides the summary of important points, you must personally reflect on the content (say how it relates to your life) and how specific others could use the material and why it would be useful to them. Lastly, each student assigned to this dimension must find a current article (popular or academic and within the last year) that helps to illustrate some of the “issues” that may be present within that dimension. Remember your audience – the link should be at a 2nd-3rd year university student level.Each student must post a different link so check to see that your link has not been used. If you are the second person to post the same link, you will not get credit for that portion of the assignment.

1. Summarize the content of the readings/videos – all content within the module you were assigned. Post what you thought were the most important things to learn from the material and write in a narrative format (not point form)./5

2. Apply the concepts to your life (for example: how active are you?; what are your barriers to exercise and eating?; what are your concerns for chronic disease based on family history? – and anything else…..). /5

3. Add comments regarding who you think would benefit from this information and HOW could they use it?Be specific and prescriptive.For example, how you think parents, teachers, medical personnel etc. could use this information? This is the part that a lot of students don’t do well on so really think about it./5

4. Lastly, add a link to a newspaper, academic, or magazine article on (for example) Winnipeg research on childhood obesity, diabetes, after school sport programs, how conducive is your neighbourhood to physical activity, etc.If it is too simple, or too academic, you will lose marks – remember to engage your audience (this class)./3

** Length of summaries should be between 400-450 words and you will lose marks if it is longer.I promise – this is doable!/2





please do as given in the guidelines, watch the given videos and read the given article link carefully and do as directed..main point is to go through the guidelines carefully.


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What are your barriers to exercise and eating


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