What is the purpose of the study?

Epidemiology Read and answer questions

Read the Paper below and answer the following questions. Your answer should be typed in below, and the submitted document should be in a Microsoft Word document. The answer to any question should not exceed one paragraph (5-6 lines).

Question1 (Max. 0.5 point)

What is the purpose of the study?

Question2 (Max. 0.5 point)

What is the study design? What is the exposure? What is the outcome?

Question3 (Max. 2 points)

How the exposure was measured? How the outcome was measured?

Question4 (Max. 1.5 points)

From Table II, calculate the Crude Rate Ratio for serum total cholesterol <4.27 mmol/l compared to >5.77 mmol/l. (must show the details of calculation)

Question5 (Max. 1.5 points)

What is the meaning of this crude Rate Ratio?

Question6 (Max. 1.5 points)

In Table 3, what is the meaning of age and sex-adjusted RR of serum total cholesterol <4.27 mmol/l compared to serum total cholesterol >5.77 mmol/l? Was there confounding by age and sex, why or why not? Is the RR statistically significant? What is the meaning of the 95%CI for the RR?

Question7 (Max. 0.5 points)

Was the ascertainment of the outcome as complete as possible? Was there a follow chart?

Question8 (Max. 0.5 points)

The authors stated in the discussion “The possibility of under-ascertainment of suicide deaths is always a concern, although it is probably unlikely that ascertainment varied by serum total cholesterol level”

Explain what the authors meant by their statement.

Question9 (Max. 0.5 points)

Were those who measured the outcome blinded from the exposure status?

Question10 (Max. 0.5 points)

Have the exposures been well measured, or is there any random or systematic misclassification?

Question11 (Max. 5 points)

Do the “exposed” differ from the “unexposed” with respect to other factors? Have these differences been taken into account in the design or analysis? i.e. How do the authors deal with confounding?

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What is the purpose of the study


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