Becoming human summary

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Becoming human summary

After reviewing the curriculum materials in modules six and seven please answer the following question in your own words. Be as thorough and precise as possible. Be sure to define all scientific terms.
Now that we have explored many species in the Tribe Hominini, what does the term “human” mean to you? Were members of the genus Paranthropus or Australopithecus human? What about Homo erectus and the Neandertals? At what point along the hominin evolutionary path did humanity emerge? Be sure to back up your answer with specific data and cite your sources.
Please note: You are not required to consult outside sources, but if you do, you must cite them and put all direct quotations in quotation marks.

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Summary 1 Evidence
Hadar Ethiopia lies in the Northern afar region and has many animal fossils that date back about 3 million years (Interactive Documentary, n.d.). The fossils are essential in understanding human evolution. In 1973, a knee joint was discovered. Evidence revealed that it belonged to a creature that walked upright and dated about 3.4 million years.

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