Beloved – Novel by Toni Morrison

1. Is Sethe a good mother? Give examples. Use direct quotes to support your claims. 2. Explain the fugitive slave act 3. Explain rememory and give examples of rememory in the book. Use direct quotes to exemplify your responses. 4. How is Sojourner Truth’s “Aint I a Woman” connected to Beloved? 5. What are some of the memories that Paul D and Sethe remember about Sweet Home? Why do you think Morrison gives us this information little bit by little bit? 6. Describe the character Beloved. Use specific examples from the book. What is her purpose, her goal? 7. What is the significance of the line: “This is not a story to pass on.”? Has Beloved left any trace? 8. What is your assessment of this book? Requirements for full credit: Fully address the prompt 6-7 pages Double-spaced Times New Roman 12 font Works Cited Page MLA format (Correctly formatted) Use Owl at Purdue Submit at the beginning of class

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The love that mothers have for their children is so strong that it crushes all the things, which stand on its path. The viewpoint is seen in Toni Morrison’s Beloved between Sethe and her daughter. It is easier…
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