Bill of Rights- Search and Seizure

Bill of Rights- Search and Seizure

Write an essay of 500 to 750 words that addresses the following:

  1. Define the elements of the Search and Seizure Amendment and explain what they mean.
  2. Determine why the founding fathers included a provision in the Bill of Rights pertaining to search and seizure.
  3. Consider DUI checkpoints. Should DUI checkpoints be legal given the provisions of search and seizure as defined by the Bill of Rights? Defend your rationale.

Utilize a minimum of three to five scholarly, relevant sources to support your content.

All the information is there, I just need an original paper, with all information cited, and at least 3 scholarly sources!


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Searches and Seizures

  1. The Search and Seizure Amendment provides that people’s homes or houses are their own private enclosure. By that, the law recognizes that people are secure from searches and seizures by law enforcement officers (Sekhon, 2017). The term searches mean the act of ransacking a person’s home or property. It means that an individual property may only ransacked by the law enforcement officers or others as provided by the law. The law sets the boundary that guides the act of searching individual property. It can only occur when the entity seeking to conduct searches has obtained a legal authority to do so.

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