What do we mean by Nature of Science?


For this assignment, you will review the literature on a topic of your choice, related to one of the following themes that we explored in the course (select one).

You can use the course readings for initial ideas, but you are required to find other literature as well.

1. Students’ conceptual understanding and misconceptions about a science topic; you can choose a specific topic in your area of Biology (e.g. Natural Selection, Energy, etc.) or give an overview of key ideas in Biology and how to teach them for conceptual understanding.

2. Teaching about the Nature of Science: what do we mean by Nature of Science? what are some students’ misconceptions about the Nature of Science? what key ideas about the Nature of Science are important to teach and why? what are some strategies?

3. Equity in Science Education

4. Integrating technology in the science classroom

5. Teaching about socio-scientific issues

Requirements for the paper:

Consult a minimum of 10 research articles (published in peer-reviewed science education journals) around the same topic. You should focus on research articles, and not websites/blogs.
Your references need to be recent (within the last 10 years).
Read each article and take notes on key ideas that experts in science education are presenting about your topic.
Synthesize the articles in your paper by presenting findings thematically. Write an outline first!
Do NOT present a summary of each article separately. Instead, provide a synthesis of key ideas, or issues that you found in the literature.
Your paper should be 6-10 pages (excluding references), double spaced, and formatted using APA style.
This is a good resource for APA style: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.html

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What do we mean by Nature of Science


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