Blogging About Ethics

Blogging About Ethics


In today’s visually intensive world, we have increasing ways that images can be manipulated to create gifs and/or memes as a form of expression. In fact, there are entire apps devoted to these creations. However, freely posting such content on social media can make one wonder if it’s ethically sound to do so.

Furthermore, shows that focus on satire and parody, such as Saturday Night Live, MADtv, The Onion News Network, etc., are heavily reliant on the use of copyrighted content. You are known as an expert in creating memes and GIFs. You have been asked to write a blog post reflecting on these concerns. In preparation, you begin to ask yourself if anything is off limits? How ethical is the use of copyrighted material? And what should people think about deepfakes?

Assessment Instructions:

Using Microsoft word, write a blog post that addresses the following questions. You must include at least one (1) hyperlink to a web article in each section of the blog post, e.g., a link to an article about the ethical ramifications of deepfakes.

Assessment Requirements/Submission Requirement:

Submit a Microsoft Word document.

NOTE – Be sure the document displays proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Additional resources that may be needed to support the completion of the assessment:

For additional writing and research support, please visit the following Library and Learning Services resources:

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