Book report

Book report

This book is called From the eye of the strom & i have the book online so you will acess to the book.

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Chapter Report Notes

Chapter 16

  1. Considering graduate school was a consequence of the contemporary culture on the importance of graduate education, and its importance in helping adapt to a culture of independence. Therefore, the consideration to join graduate was a result of necessity and personal interest in experiencing personal growth.
  2. The achievement of a current challenge, or complete inability to complete a current challenge is some of the important factors that signify the need to move on to a new challenge.
  3. It is not ideal to date a current supervisor, but dating a former one would not present any challenges. Dating a supervisor, currently in office would result to ethical challenges, primarily related to preferential treatment. On the other hand, such challenges do not exist in a relationship with a former supervisor, which eliminates the existing causes of concern.
  4. Gina and Rudy were both victims of circumstances, which would make them relatively committed to straightening their lives as long as they have the opportunity to. Therefore, they would be relatively easy to work with, just that their environment may present a myriad of issues, which would adversely affect working with them. Otherwise, they will be an easy couple to work with.

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