Why have you made the choices that you made?

Why have you made the choices that you made?

Create a mid-year budget that reflects your spending of 53.3% of the initial budget based on the provided research.

Budget template, initial budget, and rubric are attached.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Your budget should reflect planned and current expenses and revenue by line item and by month of planned and current encumbrance. What compliance and regulatory requirements had to be considered?
Annotate your line items. Why have you made the choices that you made? What information informed your decision for each item? See instructions in the Budget Template document for how to annotate entries.
Mid-Year Budget Assumptive Facts

At the end of the first six months of your budget period, you have expended 53.3% of your total budget. Create a mid-year budget, where your “actual” departmental expenditures after the first six months total 53.3% of the initial budget, but only in a cumulative manner (not 53.3% for each line item). It would be unrealistic that each line item would be at 53.3% of its total budget. Rather, some line items would be over 53.3% and some items would be below; make your “actual” expenditures appear realistic, reflecting a cumulative result of 53.3% of the initial departmental budget total for the first six months. Utilize your initial budget spreadsheet for creating this mid-year budget.

This is the rubric from which the initial budget was created.

please note that the FTE and Headcount are wrong in the rubric. It should read

Current student enrollment is 1,628 (headcount); given retention, attrition, and persistence projections, enrollment is projected to decline 6.2% during the upcoming budget year.
Student FTE is beginning the budget year at 612 students.


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Why have you made the choices that you made


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