Who or what is the story about?

How to Write up Business and Society Current Event AssignmentObjectives: 1.The students are responsible to read a newspaper and/or news magazine. 2.Locate a news article that links a fundamental business and society issue to a current event, and relate it to a topic being studied in class. 3.To increase student awareness and strengthen their writing skills as they create an understanding of global connections and interdependence. Requirements for locating the current event sources: 1. Locate an article that has been printed within 3 months of the due date. The article content must relate to business and society. It can be about any country in the world. The article must come from a reputable source that we discussed about in class ( Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, CNBC). 2. If it is a paper article, scan it and submit it to with your write up. If it is an online article, include the website with your final write-up. 3. When reading a news article, it is important to be able to understand and analyze the facts that are being presented. Using the following format will assist you in analyzing the news source. Directions on how to write up the Business and Society current event assignment: DUE DATES:1.Friday, February 1st2.Friday, March 1st3.Friday, April 5th**Your Business and Society Current Event Assignment will be submitted through Canvas. You will upload your word document to Canvas.Type it using this required format. Headings must be included on each current event to receive full credit for the assignment: 1.Source of article: (Title of Newspaper, Magazine or Online Website) 2.Date of source: 3.Title of article: Your current even write up should be at least 4 paragraphs (2 pages – double spaced). See the guidelines below:Paragraph 1

Summary: Your write up must include a brief summary of the article in your own words. This should be 1 paragraph. •Who or what is the story about? •Where did it happen? •What happened? •Who was involved? •Why did it happen? •When did the event take place?•What is the importance of this article? Paragraph 2 Write your own personal response to the article. What is your opinion of what happened? How might this news affect our lives and/or the lives of the people in the region your article took place? This should be 1 paragraph. Paragraphs 3 -4 Write to explaining something new that you learned from reading the article. Relate this article to a chapter in the textbook. Write two questions that you still have after reading the article. This should be the final paragraph. **include the website/link or a scanned copy/pdf of your article with your final write-up**


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Who or what is the story about


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