Does Banner need to cut back in certain service areas?

Adaptive strategies provide a process for guiding organizations into making changes that will help to either expand, reduce or maintain the range of the company’s vision (Ginter, Swayne, & Duncan, 2018). Expansion of a business requires research and analysis to make sure there is a need in the market for an increase in the services being offered. A reduction in business amenities or facilities involves evaluation of the current situation, what is working, and what is not before decisions can be made. Maintenance of where a business is currently at shows that a business is currently doing well with no need for an increase or decrease. This means the organization is doing well and sees no need in the market for adding more services. Banner Health is one of those organizations that should maintain the scope of its services. There is not a great need in the market for more services and it is holding its own among its competitors. It is actually doing better than its competitors. Banner has been able to do as Gerwitz (2016) stated, and has been able to adapt to competitor pressures and create strategies that will help to support its mission, vision, and goals.

It is important to look at factors that can influence the process and feasibility of the strategic plan (Neis, Pereira, & Maccari, 2017). Understanding where an organization came from, where it currently exists, and where it wants to go, are all important factors of a successful strategic plan. It is beneficial to incorporate an adaptive approach that includes flexibility, education, and exploration (Ouakouak, 2018). Asking appropriate questions can help to determine if certain adaptive strategies need to be made. Questions such as “What types of businesses would benefit Banner?”, “Does Banner need to cut back in certain service areas?”, and “Is Banner keeping up with the competition?” Answers to these questions can help an organization to know which direction to go in. Banner is certainly an organization that could continue to expand in market areas that need healthcare services. There are other areas where Banner already exists that do not need more services, so it is better for Banner to stay in the maintenance range of adaptive strategies. Another aspect of the maintenance range is to keep the current services and service areas strong so that if improvement or expansions ever need to be made, it will make that process easier without losing what already exists.


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Does Banner need to cut back in certain service areas


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