Dear Writer, please write answers to both of 2 cases questions few sentences for each answer 


 MAIN DETAILS: Questions case 1: Questions: 1. Should John have kept a closer eye on his top performer? 2. Why do you think Tommy was hesitant in going to John Smith about the change in plans? 3. What options should John Smith consider besides terminating Tommy or overlooking the infraction? 4. Is the situation complicated by the fact that Tommy had a family obligation? Why or why not? 5. Should Tommy Tinker be fired or given a second chance, why or why not? 6. How should Aldo Green be addressed as a result of participating? Explain your answer and why you feel this way? 7. If Tommy Tinker ends up being terminated, how should (or not) Light It Up communicate to the rest of the organization why this happened? Explain. 8. What is the lesson for Tommy Tinker and Aldo Green based on this situation

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