Business Ethics; Please use scholarly sources for references.

Business Ethics; Please use scholarly sources for references.

Read the Sing & Dance scenario on pp. 59-61, trying to see the situation from Jackie’s perspective. Answer the following:
1) Which of the ethical issues and dilemmas described in Chapter Three are evident in this scenario?
2) Is Jackie the victim of illegal sexual harassment or gender discrimination? Explain.
3) What should Jackie do? What professional and private outcomes will result from that choice?


Read the Chapter Three debate issue on page 85. Clearly state whether
1) Google’s storage of user data is appropriate and does not violate users’ privacy, or
2) Google’s storage of user data is inappropriate and violates users’ privacy.
Explain your answer.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
Read the Chapter Four debate issue on page 111. Clearly state whether
1) The CFPB’s benefits to consumers outweigh the burden on financial institutions, or
2) The CFPB’s burden on financial institutions outweigh the benefits to consumers.
Explain your answer.

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform (Dodd-Frank)
Dodd-Frank has been in the news since it was passed in 2010, with some arguing that it imposes too great a burden on financial institutions, and others arguing that it does not go far enough to prevent the “too big to fail” scenario that we saw in the recent financial crisis.
Research the current state of the law and answer the following:
1) What is the current state of executive orders and/or legislation regarding Dodd-Frank? What changes to the original bill have been made or are in the legislative pipeline?
2) Does Dodd-Frank currently strike the right balance? If so, explain. If not, describe the changes that should be made to the law.




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There are several issues in this case that can be classified into ethical issues. The major concern in this story is sexual harassment. In the definition of sexual harassment, it is stated as the unwarranted sexual advances towards a person. This can also be inclusive of verbal and physical actions and conducts that have sexual implication as well as requesting a person for sexual favors. The above definition is conditioned in the cases where decisions concerning the employment of the affected individual are made due to decisions

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