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 EXAMPLES OF PROBLEMS OR QUESTIONS: THIRD, you need to prepare a simple employment contract for the person you have decided to hire. You do not want to hire a lawyer or pay anyone else to create this contract for you. You know that you can find suitable samples on line that you can use to create your own specific contract. Your contract must meet all requirements to be a legal, binding contract. But you can look at and use any samples you can find to help you create your own simple employment contract. FOURTH, A little time has passed and you are doing very well with your home-based business! But you are selling more and more cookies every day! It is time to grow your business. You own a very expensive home in Massachusetts and a vacation home on the lake in New Hampshire. You are worried about personal liability if anything ever goes wrong, so you want to protect these assets from creditors and from lawsuits. You have decided it is time to move from being a sole proprietor to a form of business that provides you with more protection against liability. You would prefer to only pay taxes once on your business profits, not twice. You want the income to flow through the business to you. Because the business will be just you and your new employee, you would prefer not to have to go through all the hassle of holding annual meetings or maintaining a book of minutes from your meetings with each other. You hope that your business will grow, but you don’t have any plans to ever “go public.” You decide to start your business as an LLC. You have been calling your business “Mrs. Fields Cookies.” But you have heard about people getting sued for using someone else’s business name. So you need to check the Mass. Secretary of State’s website ( to make sure that name is available to use. Print out a screenshot of what you find when you search the name “Mrs. Fields Cookies”. If you find nothing, you may use that name; if you find the name is already used, you need to come up with a different name. You are now ready to register your business with the state. You need to fill in the appropriate document, available from the Mass. Secretary of State’s website, to create your LLC legally. Remember to include the correct payment amount!!! Use your research skills to make sure you have the correct form. Copy and fill in the form (but do not actually submit it.) You can make up any info you need to.You need a tax ID number so that you can report your income and expenses to the government. But you can’t get your Tax ID until your LLC has been recognized by the state and your business has been approved. So as you file for your LLC, it is perfectly fine to say “Pending” or “applied for” in the blank asking for your Tax ID. FIFTH, now that you have your business set up as an LLC, and your new employee is working with you, you need to be sure that they will not steal your secret recipe. Your final step is to prepare a Confidentiality Agreement for your new baker to sign. This will protect your Intellectual Property. Be sure to read the chapter before you do this step.

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And can you let the person completing my task to submit it for me when clicking on each step and to make sure they use my name “katherine rojo” When logged in click on blackboard then scroll all the way down until you see business law summer Then when In the class page click major assignment and basically the ones that are due tonight are the steps I need done which is step 3&4 and 5

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