Business plan

Business plan

Order of business plan.

1.0 Executive Summary. 1

1.1 Objectives. 1

Chart: Highlights. 1

1.2 Mission.. 2

1.3 Keys to Success. 2

2.0 Company Summary. 2

2.1 Company Ownership.. 2

2.2 Start-up Summary. 2

Chart: Start-up.. 3

Table: Start-up.. 3

Table: Start-up Funding.. 4

3.0 Products. 4

4.0 Market Analysis Summary. 5

4.1 Market Segmentation.. 5

Table: Market Analysis. 5

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary. 5

5.1 Competitive Edge.. 5

5.2 Sales Strategy. 6

5.2.1 Sales Forecast. 6

Table: Sales Forecast. 6

6.0 Management Summary. 8

6.1 Personnel Plan.. 8

Table: Personnel 8

7.0 Financial Plan.. 9

7.1 Break-even Analysis. 9

Table: Break-even Analysis. 9

Chart: Break-even Analysis. 9

7.2 Projected Profit and Loss. 10

Chart: Profit Monthly. 10

Chart: Profit Yearly. 10

Table: Profit and Loss. 11

7.3 Projected Cash Flow… 12

Table: Cash Flow… 12

Chart: Cash.. 13

7.4 Projected Balance Sheet. 14

Table: Balance Sheet. 14

7.5 Business Ratios. 15

Table: Ratios. 15

Table: Sales Forecast. 1

Table: Personnel 2

Table: General Assumptions. 3

Table: Profit and Loss. 4

Attached is a sample business plan, This plan will be about starting a Street Corner Gas station and Connivence store, which is a franchise gas station. This business will be located on the corner of 54th and grand on a lot that is sized at 93,000 square feet. The land will be leased at 5k per month, Also,there will be an assessment when a building permit is granted by the city, of approximately $25,000 for city improvements of sidewalks etc. The total investment needed to begin operation for a franchised street corner gas station with c-store is $330,000. Attached below is the break down of how much the store will cost in total. The business will be built in Billings, Montana, on the location specified above. Find all demographics/stats needed to properly make this business plan

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The Franchise is an international business which is set in establishing Street Corner gas station and Connivance store. This branches will be established in accordance to the Franchise strategies and plans…

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