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Each week, you will be submitting two sections of Chapter 1. At a minimum, you must provide an outline of the two sections assigned for the week. The outline should be comprehensive enough for the instructor to understand the depth and breadth that the section will address. However, the intent is to produce as nearly a complete first chapter to the proposal as possible in the last week of the course. With this objective in mind, the ultimate goal should be to write up each section in full. In this week, you are to provide the following sections:

  • Delimitations of the study
  • Limitations of the study
  • Requirements: Use the Belhaven DBA Dissertation Template as a guide to information required for the two sections. As always, the section submission must be in APA format. References are not required for this assignment, as it is assumed you will have the actual references in the Reference section of the dissertation document. Citations will be required, as they will appear in the proposal.

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