Business Question

Business Question

Review Chapter 2 of the text on Leadership Development and the article titled, “Leadership Mindset.” Respond to the following:

▪ React to at least two significant ideas in the article (i.e., how did these two ideas affect your thinking, cause you to reflect, change your mind,
add to your understanding of the topic, etc.). What I am looking for here is a critical assessment of a couple of the main ideas of the article.
▪ Compare and contrast the text concept of Leadership Development with Pugh’s concept of Leadership Development.
▪ Outline how these concepts can help you as a leader in your personal Leadership Development (be specific).
o Requirements: 750-800 words, APA format

Resources: Hughes, Richard L., Ginnett, Robert C., & Curphy, Gordon J. (2022). Leadership: Enhancing the
Lessons of Experience (10th ed.). McGraw Hill LLC. ISBN: 9781260682977 (paperback);
9781264071470 (ebook)

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