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 From what career field does the study emerge?

There are 2 responses. Read each response and write a response.

Response 1.) Jayne

  1. From what career field does the study emerge?

I currently hold an Associate Degree in Medical Business Office Technology(BOT) and Medical Billing. During the second and final years of my degree, the report indicated that the field was overcrowded. Therefore, the demand was scarce, and the pay was less than I was willing to accept. With the burden that COVID has put on the system, I wanted to keep all options open concerning my career goal. Either online teaching or billing medical visits.

The title of my paper is :

The Destroyer and the Teacher of Humanity: How Politics and Misinformation determines the course of morality in America

  1. How do you anticipate conducting the research, and why use that method?

I plan to use a mixture of methods:

Applied – because a resolution to an issue affecting our daily lives and health.

Quantitative Research – a collection of mortality, political groups, and religions.

Qualitative Research – To understand why people fee as they do

  1. Who will be the anticipated population used for data gathering, and why?

The anticipated population will be people from different walks of life and beliefs: the WHO and the CDC. I think the WHO and the CDD will supply me with applied and quantitative information. The qualitative research will be

Response 2.) Deborah

I will be conducting a study on the Impact of Healthcare Exchange. Healthcare costs continue to be a serious economic threat. People are uncertain about the value and investigate the plan of health insurance. Most look at health insurance as prepaid health care rather than health insurance. The demanding concept that is lacking is that insurance covers individuals and families from unanticipated health emergencies. Insurance exchanges should rather prepare comprehensible shortcuts to people. Understanding how terminology works is essential to direct communication about health insurance.

This study will explain what healthcare insurance exchange is, will examine the cost of health insurance by comparing to other countries, uninsured to insured, and expansion of Medicaid. This study will also present an overview of the diverse contents of the health insurance exchanges and has emerged from healthcare.

I will be using qualitative research because I will be focusing on why the impact of healthcare exchange has affected the economy. I will be gathering information from private insurance, marketplace insurance and government funded insurance.

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