Business startup research

Business startup research

this is part 3 of part 4 project. I have completed part 1 and 2. remaining part 3 and 4 and they are cohesive

this part 3 has 4 submission. 1. article outline, 2. annotated references list, 3. interview recording and 4. written interview summaries.

you have to read my part 2 project I completed already to complete this one. and user this link here to do your search. all your search has to be from this my school link. it will ask you for user name and password.

let me know if it ask for user name and password

Part 4 only have 1 submission (feature Article reference list) 2600 word

I will attached the part 2 project I completed so that you can ready it to and use it to complete this one.








Solution Preview

Crowdfunding is the new trend in business financing. It is more effective than the conventional borrowing mechanism that requires business owners to meet certain qualification criteria. Crowdfunding provides no obstacles to the amount of capital that businesses raise as long as they use the right channel to collect funds from investors. The paper sought to answer the following research question: Is crowdfunding equity better than crowdfunding loan? Is crowdfunding loan easier to get than crowdfunding equity?

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