BUSN 493 Business Management

BUSN 493 Business Management

Text: Strategic Management, David, 16th ed. (the 15th ed. can be used but it must be compared to the 16th ed. for changes)

Additional Recommended Material: Wall St. Journal

Fortune 500 Project:

The student will select at least three Fortune 500 companies where one will be chosen as a class project. The student will do a strategic plan according the project format as presented above. Company selection is approved by the instructor. Selection must and approval must completed by May 31. The student will consult internet websites, printed materials, and other sources to obtain information to do the strategic plan and analysis for the individual project. The project will consist of five sections (see project format) and the student will need to label each section accordingly. For the critique section the student will analyze the company’s current strategic plan and offer recommendations and feedback. The student is required to submit sections by the due dates; however, the final grade will be based on the final submission of all sections. Minimum of five pages is required.


Instructions and parts

Fortune Mission/Vision Statements
Fortune Long-Term Goals and Objectives
Fortune SWOT Matrix
Fortune Strategy
Critique and Recommendations
Submit the long-term objectives/goals that you have found from doing research on your Fortune business/organization. These are long-term objectives, not short-term goals, and they must be specific and well defined. Hint: Use the mission/vision statements as a guide and consult the textbook for assistance. The goals and objectives should be long term–a minimum of 3-5 years into the future. Most importantly the goals/objectives need to be measurable; that is, numbers such as sale growth, investment return to shareholders in percent, market share in percent, etc. You may have to do lots of research to find the actual goals/objectives. A good place to check is the annual report for the Fortune 500 Company.

Provide a SWOT matrix analysis of the opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses for your Fortune business in the proper format. Label, list and discuss the SWOT factors separately for each project. You do not need to provide sub-strategies for each part of the matrix. Later you will be doing an overall organizational strategy. To be acceptable it must be in the proper format with summarized factors.

Provide me with the strategy or strategies that you have identified for your Fortune 500 project. Bold the strategy and then discuss the strategy. Have a separate section for each strategy. Refer to chapter 5 for the different types of strategies. You must read chapter 5 before submitting this assignment

Please read instructions above about critique section.

Note: Minimum of 5 Sources. Use books, peer reviewed journals and wall street journal

The company is Phillips 66





Solution Preview

Phillips 66, is a company based in the United States of America which has been in operation for more than one hundred and forty years. The company is among the largest energy producing companies in the world. The goal of every company is to maximize the profits as they minimize the costs. Phillips 66 does this offering energy solution to their customers all over the world.

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