Can you write a letter to “Time Magazine” ?

Can you write a letter to “Time Magazine” choosing George Herbert Walker Bush or Mikahel Gorbachaiv?


Write a letter to Time Magazine and nominate one of the two people in the screenshots provided. Please do research on the people selected or who you choose to select and write something about why you think they should be elected in this sense. It is important to keep it clean and make the letter formal. Please note this is not an actual letter being sent, it’s an assignment I can’t get to right now.




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Candidate Nomination

Former President of the United States, G.H. W. Bush has been a statesman for more than half of his entire life. Since joining Congress as a representative from Texas in 1967, President Bush has lived his life within the public space serving the inte4rest of the American people from diplomatic positions to positions within the country’s security department. Consequently, taking the period in which he was in office and the achievements he made into account, it would be understandable why the American citizens found him to be the most suitable candidate for the Oval office in 1989. Among his achievements, President Bush saw to the official fall of the berlin wall and the consequent dissolution of the Soviet Union.

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