Car Dealership Data System

Car Dealership Data System

You are a sales manager for a car dealership who wants to effectively target potential customers. Write a paper that details how you would create a data system to reach potential customers and addresses the following questions:

What kind of data would you find helpful in populating your system?
What sources would you find helpful in the selection process? What ethical considerations must be part of this process?
What BI tools would you utilize to manipulate that data in order to establish trends and patterns that can help you target potential buyers? (Hint: If you suggest spreadsheet as a tool, you should provide snapshots of your activities, like tables, formulas, or other tools.)
Your paper should be two pages in length (excluding cover and reference pages), written according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA, and supported by a minimum of three academic sources. The “Best Bet Databases for Information System Management” resource from the CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these sources. Review the rubric in the Module 6 folder for specific grading criteria.




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Data would you find helpful in populating your system?
A car dealer manager is supposed to keep in mind the target customer as he or she chooses a sustainable marketing system. Statistic and conduct information will enable your dealership to distinguish shopper patterns to best focus on your showcasing efforts.

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