What toys are advertised/used in the cartoons?

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Cartoons/Commercials and the Construction of Gender

Review the instructions on p.233 of your textbook. Note that I am expanding this to include not only Saturday morning commercials, but also cartoons geared towards young children. If you choose to analyze cartoons, you should choose one pitched towards girls and one pitched towards boys (it’s usually pretty easy to tell which is which, unless you choose a nature show or something aimed towards very young kids. Include how you knew the target audience in your discussion).

Take notes on what you see. You may want to create two columns – Boys/Girls. Consider the following:

What toys are advertised/used in the cartoons?
What colors are emphasized?
What do the kids do?
What do the adults do?
Where does the action take place?
What does the narrator/voice-over sound like?
Other insights?

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What toys are advertised used in the cartoons


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