Case Analysis

Case Analysis

You will have discussion forum questions to answer about an aspect of the course and module readings. As this is a graduate-level course, each of you must apply at least one to two marketing concepts or theories from course readings and instructor lectures and provide at least one to two original citations of appropriate literature, articles, etc. to back up your response postings for each question in this forum.

To receive full credit, each post and response must cite at least one to two journal articles or trade publications. Please cite all sources at the bottom of your post using your choice of either APA or MLA style (Google scholar has an easy tool for copying citations). All writing must be based on some facts or literature research, not purely based on your opinions.

(1) Can a business be successful without advertising? Why or why not?

(2) Some marketers believe the Internet will become the most effective avenue for marketing products to consumers. Do you agree or disagree? State why you agree or disagree.

(3) Why are organizations shifting from specialized to integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategies?

(4) Give your perspectives on the Future of Marketing. Include in your discussion the future of marketing metrics. What do you think about the QThru App when checking-out at the grocery? Would you use this app? Why or why not?…




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Advertising can be defined as a marketing tactic or strategy that involves communication (verbally or non-verbally) with the users of a particular product with the aim of influencing their decision to purchase the intended outcome. Business success can, therefore, be attributed to the financial reward that comes as a result of the regular and frequent selling of products. Advertising is known to contribute to the general success of a business in that it attracts new customer and at the same time it keeps the existing customers aware of other products available for sale, advertising is known to help change the outdated negative perception that was associated with the business giving it a new image which is more acceptable to potential customers,

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