Topic: SPM- 405- Mid-Term- Case Study- Due. 10-25-2021

Details: Please see your attached Mid-Term. The following items below should be met when submitting your write-up for this case study review.

Read the entire case study

Submit 500-700 word summary of the case study.
APA format Only & Cite the case study and all other supporting materials used in your review.

Questions for the case study:

What stood out to you in the case study?
What method was used in the case study?
Who are the participants?
What tool was used? (I.e- interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc.) Explain why this method was the best way to gather information for the study being conducted.
When reviewing the results of the case study please provide your perspective on the Discussion and Study implications.
This mid-term is due 10-25-2021 as all Mid-Term grades will be posted on 10-26-2021

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What stood out to you in the case study


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