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This is HONK KONG DISENY LAND case, and it has to be analyzed. I brought up the questions to analyze the paper. PLEASE FOLLOW THE QUESTION GUIDE TO HELP YOU ANSWAR THE CASE PROBLEM

For the last question, the classical approach, Historic approach, Quantitive approach, and behavioral approach are what I have studied in the management class





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Case Study Analysis

Question 1

Tokyo Disney resort experienced great success as Walt Disney tries to expand its brand to the international market. This was mainly due to the huge interest among Asians on Western cultures that were exemplified in the resort. Out of the annual attendees, 95% were Japanese and this meant that the people had great interest in western culture. However, the same success could not be replicated in France when it opened the Paris Resort. First, the costs overrun the budget and there was very little interest among the people over American cultures. The number of visitors were well below the projections and this led to huge losses for the resort. The French considered the park to be part of American imperialism and this made many people resist visiting the park.

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