Case Study Analysis and Views

Case Study Analysis and Views

I want the paper to focus more on the sides of ethics and development view of the topic.I have already written the first two part of the paper, and I WANT YOU TO COMPLETE THE OTHER 2. There are A, B , C, D sections. I have uploaded the paper for the section A and B. and I want you to write two paragraphs for each sections. READ THE ATTACHAED PAPER TO GET CLEAR IDEA ABOUT THE TOPIC.

C- Alternative Ethical Framework

– Present at least one alternative ethical framework for evaluating the policy proposals in Section Athat either directly critique the integral approach in Section B and/or represent an alternative foundational position.

– Note the points of agreement and disagreementbetween these and the integral approach, explaining why their conclusions differ with respect to this issue. Cite at least two (2) critical authorities.

D- Critical Analysis

– Critically analyze all the positions presented in Sections B and C, assessing their strong and weak points.

– Present yourPersonal position on the issue at hand, constructively building a well-reasoned and convincing argument for this commitment.

– Note questions for further investigation and evidence that might clarify the social and economic issue in development and help to resolve the ethical conflict therein.

Lastly: Conclusion





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B: According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Article (1) a child is fine as any person who is below the age of 18 years. However, each nation has its policies on who is considered a child and an adult. In some states, a person who has attained the age of 16 years is regarded as a young adult and is allowed to work part-time. The ILO (2009) states a different minimum period in which a child is allowed to work depending on the work involved. The defining of what entails child labor is not rigid and keeps on changing. The companies may decide to follow various international and national instruments to determine what is child labor

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