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How do the authors define child assessments?


1.How do the authors define child assessments? What are some types of child assessments used?
2.What are the five practices used to foster collaborative child assessment described? List and describe all five.
3.Write a summary of the article. Why is this information valuable? Why is it important to include families in the child assessment process?

Read the article provided below and complete the following questions: NAEYC Engaging Families in the Child Assessment Process

Part 2

1.Give examples of developmentally appropriate lessons that apply Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.
2.Identify guidelines for designing appropriate curriculum.
3.Describe strategies you can use to encourage literacy development in young children.
4.Summarize strategies for creating an effective multi-cultural anti-bias curriculum.
5.Outline the process you will use to write a lesson plan.

Answer preview how do the authors define child assessments?


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