Child Development Observation

Child Development Observation

Observations: Please choose ONLY ONE age group to observe

a) of a infant/toddler in any setting

b) of a preschool child in any setting

c) of a school-age child in any setting

d) of an adolescent in an informal or formal setting

Papers will include the data recorded during the observation with the following areas in mind: Biosocial development, Cognitive development, Psycho-social development, and the environment which the child/adolescent is in. This assignment requires you to observe all four developmental domains and the ages & stages of development. Post assignment in the assignment page!

Paper format must include the following:

  • Intro (when, when, who the subject is etc.)
  • Cognitive development (during your observation did you learn about the child’s Cognitive ability provide example)
  • Language development (communication skills)
  • Physical development (gross motor & fine motor skills)
  • Social & emotional development (relationships, attachments)
  • Summary (what did you learn from this experience)
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The preschool age is the stage in the development of a child in which there are rapid growth and specific development measures that take place (Smith, Peter, Helen & Mark, 2015). The thinking ability of a child is mostly building…
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