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Essay #3 Rubric
Christianity/ Catholicism Today
1. Research Paper on ONE of these topics. Either choose or will be assigned
2. Write 2-3 page paper
3. Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced
4. Use at least 3 sources- and cite those sources in MLA format- use intextual citations and Works Cited page
5. Remember, avoid “general” statements… be as SPECIFIC with your examples as possible
6. 50 pts total
a. Spelling/ Grammar/ Correct Format/ 3 sources- 10 pts
b. Correct background information regarding the topic- 10 pts
c. Correct presentation of the opposing views on the topic- 10 pts
d. Ability to relate it to information that we have discussed in class- 10 pts
e. Ability to thoroughly explain your own position on the topic using specific examples to support your stance.- 10 pts
– 1. Church and State relations- “Public displays of the 10 commandments”
– Look up current articles about public displays of the 10 commandments.
– Explain in detail the different sides of the debate- those who believe the 10 commandments should be displayed, and those who believe that they should NOT be displayed
– Relate this topic to what we have discussed about Church and State relations- think about questions such as: What happens when Church and State become intertwined? What is the best type of relationship for the Church and the State to have? Use specific examples from Church history.
– Do you think that the 10 commandments should be displayed in public places? Why or why not?
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In 1999, a public campaign was mounted by some members of Congress to post the Ten Commandments on public institutions including courthouses, schools and other public buildings (Hindu American Foundation). Together with three dozen Congress members, the initiative was supported by the Family…
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