Can you help me to write it?

I need to write a letter like a mail to sent to National Passport Center. I applied for my U.S passport around September 2019, then I gave to USPS my Certificate of Citizenship as well. I got my U.S passport on Nov 2019, but I haven’t received my Certificate of Citizenship. I waited for 2 weeks later to call the USPS then they said that I have to call U.S passport department. I called to U.S passport department then they said they will contact me around 3 weeks, but no one hasn’t called me. I called in another time then other people say the same thing that I have to wait. I was waiting like after a month then another person tell me to write a letter to the National Passport Center to tell them my problem. Then the SIP coming so they’re all close.

I need letter to tell them my problem, but I haven’t write a letter before. Can you help me to write it? You can blank my name, my address and my passport number, my case number and my birthday. I can fix it later

This is the address

U.S. Department of State
National Passport Center
44132 Mercure Cir.
PO Box 1108
Sterling, VA 20166-1108


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Can you help me to write it


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