How did various women define freedom?

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  • Chose ONE question from part B to answer.
  • Your answers should be in complete sentences and be between two to three paragraphs.
  • You may only use information provided to you from your textbook or a reading in the module. (…)
  • Please use proper citation, and upload the document as a Microsoft Word attachment.

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  1. The West Experienced tremendous growth after the Civil War. Write an essay on the consequences of population growth on the western landscape, looking at farming, livelihoods, the impact of the railroad, growth of Native American reservations and the subjugation of the Native Americans.
  2. Analyze the various roles women played during the era, from the social reformer to feminist, to suffragette. How did various women define freedom? Be sure to distinguish between different types of women and use specific examples in your answer.
  3. By 1900, who was entitled to fully enjoy the blessings of American liberty? Be sure to include African-Americans, women, labor, and immigrants in your answer.

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How did various women define freedom

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