(CJ 205 W3 HW 2) See the body for all instruction.

(CJ 205 W3 HW 2) See the body for all instruction.

topic: United States v. Ross (1982) is one of the top five cases in vehicle stops, searches, and inventories. Discuss the case and its importance in law enforcement. What about this case makes it important to police officers? Discuss what effect it has likely had on the behavior of police officers.

ADDITIONAL INFO: i uploaded pages from the textbook for help with the case and to use for citation.




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The United States vs. Ross case arose when the District police officer of Columbia received a call tip from a reliable source that someone was in the sale of narcotics out of a parked car the police officers believed Ross to have heroin, they stopped Ross and searched the vehicle.

 The search (warrantless) and the interception of a car to inspect its content include the harmonizing of two main contradictory interest: the first one is the Suspects expectation of freedom which implies that they are exempted from sudden and unwarranted searches. Second is the police obligation to duty in the quest to combat crime.

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