Cloud Computing is an online environment that provides virtual computing information technology

Cloud Computing is an online environment that provides virtual computing information technology

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Post 1

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been around for roughly two decades and in spite of the information highlighting the business efficiencies, money saving advantages, and upper hands it holds, an enormous bit of the business network keeps on working without it. “As indicated by an examination by the Universal Information Gathering, 69% of organizations are now utilizing cloud innovation in some limit, and 18% state they intend to actualize distributed computing arrangements sooner or later” .(Khan & Qin, 2017). Simultaneously, Dell reports that organizations that put resources into enormous information, cloud, portability, and security appreciate up to 53% quicker income development than their rivals. As this information appears, an expanding number of technically knowledgeable organizations and industry pioneers are perceiving the numerous advantages of the distributed computing pattern. In any case, more than that, they are utilizing this innovation to all the more effectively run their associations, better serve their clients, and significantly increment their general net revenues (Hussein & Khalid, 2016). This appears to demonstrate that provided the obvious guidance wherein the business is moving, there will never be been a superior time to get your head in the cloud.

Cloud computing works on a comparable standard as online email customers, permitting clients to get to the entirety of the highlights and documents of the framework without keeping the majority of that framework on their own PCs. Truth be told, the vast majority as of now utilize an assortment of distributed computing administrations without acknowledging it. Gmail, Google Drive, TurboTax, and even Facebook and Instagram are all cloud-based applications (Hussein & Khalid, 2016). For these administrations, clients are sending their own information to a cloud-facilitated server that stores the data for later access. Furthermore, as helpful as these applications are for individual use, they’re considerably increasingly important for organizations that should have the option to get to a lot of information over a protected, online system association. The core advantage of cloud computing is security. Numerous associations have security concerns with regards to embracing a distributed computing arrangement. All things considered, when documents, programs, and other information aren’t kept safely on location.


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Post 2

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is an online environment that provides virtual computing information technology-related services to multiple customers from centralized servers. Where the data is stored and maintained by the shared machines unlike storing in the user’s physical location. Enterprises will benefit applications running faster with less maintenance, which is easily manageable and enables IT resources like servers, networking, and storage to adjust more rapidly. The idea behind cloud computing is to deliver convenient data storage which is faster in a secure manner to work on large scale computing problems. “Cloud computing – storing data and applications remotely rather than on your premises – can cut IT costs dramatically and speed up your operations.” (Wall, 29 April, 2016)

Cloud Risks and vulnerabilities

Cloud computing requires more protection as its virtualization nature will be a big concern and challenging to provide security and protect the data from unauthorized persons. A single security method that is used for traditional systems will not work with the cloud servers as they handle large amounts of data. Special security methods have to implemented and required for the cloud computing environment. “Ask your cloud provider about access controls, vulnerability assessment practices, and patch and configuration management controls to check that they are adequately protecting your data.” (Allen, June 6, 2019)

Customers need is to expect the availability of cloud services as and when required at any point in time and that is the major agenda to move to the cloud services. As most of the cloud service providers provide uninterrupted connections, of course, which will be an expensive service but sometimes they fail. The cloud service provider must guarantee the customers on the data available at any time and from any location and they have to compensate if the service is violated.

As a security measure, the cloud service provider should implement a backup and restore strategy which involves maintaining electronic copies of data and storing it in a cloud computing environment. This measure will help the customer to recover the data in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.


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Cloud Computing is an online environment that provides virtual computing information technology


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