What was the purpose of the Warsaw Pact?

What was the purpose of the Warsaw Pact?

Cold War (1945-1960) Study Guide

Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Your responses should be typed using your own words. Do not copy and paste any answers, all answers need to be original.

1. What was the purpose of the Warsaw Pact?
2. What was the purpose of NATO?
3. What was the purpose of SEATO? p. 411
4. Describe McCarthyism.
5. Who was Alger Hiss? What happened to him?
6. Define blacklisting.
7. What is HUAC and why was it created?
8. Which countries was the Truman Doctrine designed to give aid to?
9. What was the Marshall Plan designed to do?
10. Describe the Berlin blockade & airlift.
11. What was the Korean War? Who started it and how did it end?
12. Define massive retaliation.
13. Define brinkmanship.
14. Define mutually assured destruction.
15. What is containment? Give an example
16. What is non-proliferation?
17. Which two countries are divided along the 38th parallel? & Korean War map
18. What was the 2nd Red Scare and what were its effects?
19. Define proxy war.
20. Who were the Hollywood Ten? What happened to them?
21. Define satellite states
22. What are some examples of espionage during the Cold War.
23. Who was Dwight Eisenhower? What was his approach to fighting the spread of communism?
24. What role did Douglas MacArthur play in the Korean War?
25. Who were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg?
26. What idea did George Kennan contribute to the Cold War?
27. What was the Smith Act?
28. What was the purpose of the United Nations?
29. Define iron curtain.
30. Who was Nikita Khrushchev?
31. What methods did Eisenhower use to fight the spread of communism in the Middle East? p. 416-417.
32. Which governments did the CIA help overthrow?
33. How did America respond to Soviet Union launching Sputnik 1.
34. Compare and contrast communism and capitalism.
35. Give an example of non-proliferation in the 1970s and explain what it is.
36. How was the Cold War fought?
37. What is a command economy? (notes)

Short Answer Questions:
38. Completely define the Cold War (Who, What, Where, When, Why).

39. Explain 2 ways the Cold War was fought and thoroughly explain each example.
a. How it was fought
b. Give an example and explain it.

a. How it was fought
b. Give an example and explain it

40. Explain the effects of the Cold War on American domestic life.


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What was the purpose of the Warsaw Pact


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