Communicating a Plan of Action

Communicating a Plan of Action

The communication of the plan of action is the final dimension of the multidisciplinary approach. Being aware of the steps and stages in this process will help guarantee the success of the plan being integrated into the solution to the problem or issues.

For this discussion, analyze and explain your thoughts about the communication of the plan of action in the multidisciplinary approach.

  • How would you present the plan and to whom?
  • How does your point of view facilitate communication of the plan of action?
  • Summarize your thoughts on communication of the plan of action.

multidisciplinary approach

  • Gathering information: You approached the problem initially by informing yourself and collecting data and information that helped you understand the problem.
  • Synthesizing and analyzing ideas: You were able to create a clear problem statement by determining the main issue and the main client.
  • Collaborative discussion: You participated in one or more discussions involving professionals and clients, taking care to pool information and perspectives, then moving toward capturing the characteristics of an effective solution.
  • Developing recommendations to address the course of action: Now your job is to define in writing what an effective solution would look like.

The assignment I just send you is a discussion only ok

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An action plan refers to a document that consists of all the steps followed towards achieving a specific goal. Presentation of the plan of action to the heads of different disciplines or even the students of various…

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