Explain therapeutic communication.

Week 5: Barriers to Communication

Details: This is is topic (Chamberlain Care emphasizes person-centered communication. Provide an example of using person-centered care in communicating with another who disagrees with you).

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Person-centered communication is the ability to recognize an individual and respond to his or her sentiments, wants, and preferences in a meaningful way ANA ( 2015). patient-centered approach to communication acknowledges the individual as a whole, including their personality, life history, and social circumstances.

Explore the impact of personal values and attitudes on therapeutic relationships. (COs 1, 5, and 6)
Explain therapeutic communication. (COs 2 and 5)
Apply the fundamentals of communication to nursing activities for health promotion. (COs 2 and 5)
Develop strategies to promote therapeutic relationships with individuals and groups with diverse backgrounds and needs.

The framework is essential for developing a shared insight into the problem, the procedure goals, and the treatment options available, the obstacles which stand in the way of therapies and well-being We frequently find ourselves in divergent points of view in our lives. For that kind of interaction, and to reach an essential outcome. it is necessary to develop a strategy. The use of the approach in the free exchange of ideas First method entails evaluating the reasoning and determining which ones are most persuasive. Programming them from a variety of different viewpoints ANA ( 2015 ). If one’s ideals are relevant enough, one may choose to influence the other person’s point of view. The key is to maintain neutrality. the most effective strategy for voicing opinions in a manner which does not appear judgmental (Edelman, et 2018 )

Describe effective communication and collaboration with members of nursing and interprofessional teams.

If a satisfactory conclusion cannot be reached, the two parties involved may decide to incorporate someone else. When data is susceptible there is an effort to address this issue. While attempting to imply person-centered information exchange in some situations, we frequently discover ourselves amid divergent viewpoints. Understand what was being said. Comprehending the feelings of the patient from their point of view is essential for proper communication. Different patients have taken different approaches to their illness.

On one occasion, I had a new patient who came to the clinic. When I came in to triage her, she told me that she would not want to talk to me and that she wanted to speak to the doctor. I noticed that, for some reason, she did not trust me. I explained to her that I needed to get some of her medical history before the doctor came into the room so the visit would be smooth and quick. The patient verbalized understanding, and at the end of the visit, she apologized and left happy.

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Edelman, C. L., Kudzma, E. C., & Mandle, C. L. (2018). Health promotion throughout the life span (9th ed.). Elsevier.

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Explain therapeutic communication.


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