communication result for ICedge and examples to explain

communication result for ICedge and examples to explain

Assignment #1: Reflections Essay

This assignment asks students to examine their own cultural identity and communication style, and to show how these two things affect their communications with others. By reflecting on their own cultural background and unique constitution as a communicator, students will be able to better understand themselves and others. (Self-Assessment essay)





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Cultural identity and the different styles of communication can affect the daily interactions that we usually have with others. Cultural identity can be in various forms which range from one’s nationality, religions, social class, ethnicity, locality, social groups, and even generation. These factors are what will determine how people interact with each other. An example the mode of interaction used by our age is not the same mode of communication that is used by our parents or the seniors.  Even the formalities are different (Boylorn, 2016). 

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