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Overview : The council chosen was Victor Valley Union high school District The Write Up is Saturday.

Do not write the responses in Q&A format. Community Event Review: Write-Up Expectations

A. General Comments: City council, school board, and court meetings or proceedings are a good opportunity for students to learn “first hand” and evaluate the operations of government at the most basic level: the community. This project encourages students to gain some insight into the development, implementation, and arbitration of public policy. And hopefully, whatever the experience, good or bad, the student’s appetite for local interests and issues has been increased.

B. Focus Questions and Structure for the Review:

1. Begin your Review with a brief introduction that provides a simple summary/overview to your Review and includes a passage to kindle interest in the reader to read your work.

2. List the officials present at the meeting (city council or school board members, city manager or superintendent/president). Give the date of the meeting.

3. Briefly describe the major issues or business addressed at the meeting. (This section should be about 1.5 pages.)

4. Which official (or officials) was the most impressive during your visit? Why? Who was the least impressive official? Why?

5. Has your impression of government changed as a result of your visit? How? Is the local neighborhood being served and represented well? Given the tight economic times, were budget decisions made or discussed with an approach of wise and prudent spending?

6. Does your experience with local politics have any relation to your perception of national politics? Do local politics seem to be any more accessible/personable, equitable, and efficient/effective than national politics? (give specific comparisons/contrasts between local and national politics) Finally, what did you find most interesting or surprising?

7. No conclusion necessary.

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