Complexity of ETherapy need quality work

Complexity of ETherapy need quality work

n your initial post, provide an evaluation of the efficacy of using telehealth with mild, moderate, and severe mental health disorders. As part of your evaluation, assess the integration of evidence-based practices into the telehealth trend in psychotherapy. Consider the population, specialty, and treatment preferences you identified in the Week One Creating a Specialist Website interactive assignment, and assess the appropriateness of using telephone, text-based, virtual clinics, and/or video telehealth given your client focus, specialty, and treatment preference(s). Analyze ethical and professional issues you might encounter and explain the risks and benefits of using these delivery methods with your identified treatment population.





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Telehealth involves the provision of healthcare services using telecommunications technology. The use of telehealth creates an opportunity for the patients and clinicians to remain in contact over long distances. They can provide advice, care, remote admissions, intervention, monitoring, education, and reminders.  Telehealth has been incorporated into various branches of health ranging from physical, emotional and mental cases (Stamm,1998). In the mental cases, telehealth is being used on patients who have mild, moderate and severe mental disorders.

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