Computer forensics question

Computer forensics question

Question: 1

Using the internet or online library, find an article, case study, or publication about computer forensics that addresses spam email.

Summarize your findings in at least 300 words. Be sure to provide a link to the article, case study, or publication.

Question: 2

1. Research eBay v. Bidder’s Edge, Inc. at
eBay filed a lawsuit against Bidder’s Edge, Inc. alleging trespass to personal property, unfair business practices, copyright infringement, misappropriation, false advertising, etc. Was this a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act? Do you agree with ruling? Please give reasons for your decision. Since eBay granted permission for Bidder’s Edge to use a crawler what was the problem? If this case existed today would we still have the same outcome?

2. What challenges does law enforcement face in controlling Child Pornography? How can law enforcement deal with this problem?

3. What problems surrounding children under the age of 13 can arise due to the Internet of Things? When answering, think of the connected toys, Amazon Echo and Google Home.


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Computer forensics question


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