Conflict management styles

Conflict management styles

Conflict resolution requires a hands on experience and not some developmental experiences made in a classroom. (Marquis & Huston, 2017) As a unit charge nurse, I deal with a lot a conflict. Whether it was a with a patient, a staff member, or all of the above, I deal with conflicts all the time. The main situations I deal with are unhappy family members. I deal with these situations by talking to the family about their concerns, and escalating it if necessary, I then follow up throughout the day and din other shifts if necessary. They type of conflict management style I use is cooperating and soothing. Our hospital is a business so we want our patients happy and to keep them coming back for further care.

“Research on conflict management styles has found that each of us tends to use one or two of the above five strategies more than the others. For instance, some people predominantly use collaborating when in interpersonal conflict situations.” (Williams, n.d.) In my hospital we do leadership rounds, where we round with the patients and their families to answer questions and diffuse any situations before they arise. This helps keep patients, families, and staff happy because the leadership is taking care of issues before they become problems. Today, I deal with different conflicts differently. When I am dealing with patients and families I am more assertive and accommodating. When i deal with staff, i get more timid and nervous because i am a younger nurse. I feel awkward talking to nurses who have years more experiences that me.

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Your post addresses some of the most noticeable sources of conflict within the hospital environment, which makes it easy to understand the statements made. Patients may not always highlight their concerns over issues, but…

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