coop report

coop report

Co-op Reflection

The expectation of this section of your report is that you will reflect back over your three work terms and what you have learned through them. Presented below are the expectations for several sub-sections along with indicated section lengths.

my first work is event coordinator assistant ,the duty is organization event, like organization people go to ski

my second work is travel counsellor, work in a travel company.

my third work is operation assistant, in a travel company

Learning and Contribution Summary ( 2 pages)

Reflect on all three of your work terms by doing the following for each work term:
1. Describe one key skill learned with an explanation of one example of an

accomplishment or activity undertaken during that work term to provide

evidence of the learning process of the skill.
2. Provide an explanation of what you contributed to the organization.

Academic Connection ( 2 pages)

Think of three distinct academic theories learned during any course completed in your Bachelor of Commerce Program which were either challenged or supported during a work term. You must identify and describe each academic

theory then provide a detailed explanation of how a specific work term experience either supported or challenged the theory. There should be one example for each academic theory. For example, an academic theory would be segmentation. The theory needs to be defined (sourcing the definition) then include a specific example of how segmentation was used in the business. Followed by an explanation of how the theory applied in the business world supported or challenged what was explained in the classroom. It can be any theory from any course however, do not just state a course name as a theory.

All secondary information must be sourced using APA format which includes both in-text citation and a reference page. Not citing secondary information is considered plagiarism.




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Co-op Reflection Report
Learning and Contribution
My first work is event coordinator assistant at an organizational event. Our work varied from organizing birthdays to weddings and even sporting activities that helped the organization to collect money. One of the skills I learned during the job is the concept of using explosive strength to handle complex situations. There is a lot of potential within an individual if only they are determined to make something happen. One example of an activity that we accomplished is a ski jumping event that brought together teens from all over Canada and Mexico. The work involved hiring five hundred skiing suits, helmets, and boots. 

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